Breast milk flora(English)

Breast milk Flora(Microbiome) analyzing  service

What can we learn from our “Microbiome”?
Attention to our “Immunity”
Regarding the breast milk, thus far its nourishment has been discussed very intensively while its “Immunity” are discussed as well.
The function of Immunity is to exclude the extraneous material coming from outside without notice. The reason why the baby get
sick for the moment after the delivery is attribute to the value of breast milk.
The function of Immunity is supposed to be the product of breast milk. (Scientific causal relationship between breast milk and
immunity has been argued)

Regarding the immunity, its relationships with allergy has been studied, and also with psychiatric disorder has been investigated
as well. Mothers are able to know the above relationships by analyzing their breast milk   scientifically and then able to take
actions if it is necessary.

Our “science based research” methodology will make mamas more comfortable to take care of their baby while to consider the future career plan. As the first step of child care, we strongly believe that our “breast milk flora analyzing service” will give you data and insight about Mama’s conditions.
Understanding the condition of breast milk, which is the import life line between Mom and baby, will be the excellent present
to their babies.

Valuable customer of our service
For Mamas
Currently there are no commercial service to analyze the quality of breast milk scientifically even if mothers are worry about
the quality of their breast milk.Some KPIs about breast milk has been defined, but we need to understand that every breast milk is different and has a unique character according to the environment. Therefore it is critical to know what is the current situation of her breast milk.When the Mamas go back to office to work after delivery, they are able to make the recovery plan considering the health conditions of their baby. This will be further executed by understanding the breas milk, which is the main nourishment of the babies.

For Papas
Papas are very difficult to talk about the quality of breast milk of their wife’s, but our critical outcome of research will be the hook to discuss.Our service is able to know the conditions of breast milk by some figures, then some specialist is able to provide with the specific and advice by utilizing the outcome of research.

For Corporate executives and owners.
Not a few Mamas go back to work as soon as possible even though after the delivery.Imagine that Mamas often need to take the sick leave due to unhealthily condition of their baby. The company need to consider the working conditions where their members, includes Mamas, show the best performance…
How about provide the Mamas, especially in the maternity leave term,  with the opportunities to consider the quality of breast milk? Then they are able to think about the right timing to go back to office after maternity leave.

For the health care persons
There are a lot of things to be discussed about the mechanism of breast milk. It would be more than happy for us to start with some discussions by sharing some issues at your organization.

Additional information
Our service is now under preparation to launch in Japan.
Official service will be available at April, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact to us by e-mail !